Client Case Study – Computime / Salus Controls

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL – Computime Limited / Salus Controls

The Challenge                                                                                                   

Computime is headquartered in Hong Kong and has multiple legal entities across EU, US and Canada selling Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Home products, developing and supporting Apps, which capture and process personal data of end users under the SALUS brand.  Its existing online training was quite basic, had no GDPR specific content, did not cater sufficiently for the language of staff working for Computime across different countries, and would no longer be supported following a recent takeover of the online training supplier.   In addition, another challenge came from a difference in training scope required by staff at the Company.  There are two distinct population of staff targeted for the training – staff processing personal data with access to IT systems who would directly come under scope of privacy and data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and a large population of manufacturing staff with access to IT systems and email, but no direct access to or any responsibility for the processing of personal data.  Excessive time assigned to resources taking unnecessary training could have a significant impact to resourcing and cost to the company.

The Solution

” Computime chose the solution offered by Potentia Concepts and MediaPRO because it was the most flexible online training solution and service I was able to find after researching and tendering seven (7) other alternatives.  As the Global Privacy Director and DPO responsible for developing interesting, effective and tailored training content to ensure courses were commensurate with the different training populations, I found the comprehensive library of training content that could be adapted, redesigned and even have text and voice edits really suited my training goals to best support the Company.  Potentia Concepts and MediaPRO offered a content that was modern, engaging and up-to-date for not only information security but also privacy and data protection, including new modules to cover the GDPR.  I was able to create several courses including full length GDPR, Privacy and Information Security modules in English and other languages for one population of users, and a completely bespoke short training covering various topics at a high level then focusing on Information Security in detail in Mandarin (simplified) Chinese with a choice of voice overs.  While some of the content was already available in key languages such as German resulted in cost savings, MediaPRO was able to provide bespoke languages on demand including Romanian at a fair price.  The Litmos Learning Management System (LMS) also came included with the package which some alternatives did not.   The full length Privacy and GDPR, and Information Security courses enables Computime to increase awareness and knowledge on the new regulation, communicate the Company’s data protection principles and their importance, and the expected behaviours of staff responsible for handling personal data securely in order to ensure compliance with GDPR to one user population.  The additional tailored bespoke module provides relevant focused insights and an efficient training module covering practical information and cyber security risks and good practices, to protect IT systems and data appropriate to responsibilities of the other user population in Mandarin Chinese.  Furthermore, the solution allows Computime to build stronger trust with its business partners, by demonstrating that staff have completed training to satisfy their expectations and contractual data protection requirements.

Overall I have been very impressed with the courses, content and platform that Potentia Concepts implemented for us at a very reasonable level of cost.  There were some challenges in embedding the online system into the end-to-end training processes due to the multiple languages and regions to be catered for, however, I found Potentia Concepts and MediaPRO to be a great co-operative partner, responding and acting quickly to resolve any issues we came up against and meet challenging timelines.  The SAP/Litmos interface is intuitive and flexible and allowed me to single-handedly efficiently set up and manage users, assign teams and specific courses to defined user groups, and delegate responsibilities to HR training administrator while limiting such access to specified teams and regions.  The ability to enable automation for email notifications and compliance reminders, together with powerful reporting tools that could be tailored have been invaluable in monitoring compliance and communicating progress.

The Potentia  Concepts and MediaPRO solution gave Computime a cost-effective, multi-language, all-inclusive training package, and I would highly recommend to other companies in search of a similar solution”

Ken Cheng, Global Privacy Compliance Director and Data Protection Officer at Computime Limited and SALUS Controls.

About Computime Limited

A pioneering technology, design and manufacturing company

Drawing from 40 years of experience, Computime continues to offer high-quality, on-time and reliable manufacturing services with a zero defect target. While we bring decades of manufacturing leadership to the table, we’re much more than a typical original equipment and design manufacturer (OEM/ODM). Computime has evolved into a forward-thinking technology company that delivers better products through creative engineering.

A pioneer of emerging markets, Computime has become a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, developing new products that naturally integrate into the everyday lives of end consumers.

The result? Game-changing software, ingenious hardware, powerful products, and dependable solutions – all with an aim to give our customers an edge in the market.

Custom Design & Manufacturing Our Design & Manufacturing Division provides OEM and ODM services across a few key market segments, including Appliance Controls, HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration) and CIM (commercial, industrial and medical applications). Style, Technology, Time to Market and above all unparalleled Quality has become the hallmarks of success at Computime, quickly winning customer’s trust as we worked with them to remain competitive, and more of than not, lead the market.
Our integrated offering covers a wide range of services: software, electronics, PCB layout, mechanical design, front-end interface development, mechanical package design, advanced test development, product industrialization, assembly, and mass production.

Computime’s heritage lies in developing and delivering high-quality intelligent embedded control solutions, but we also offer bespoke technology solutions that will improve the lives of end-users across various applications. Over the past decade, we have emerged as a specialist in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and RF connectivity, in particular, low power sensors with optimized battery life. Our extensive experience working with wireless capabilities, such as WiFi, Zigbee, BLE and Z-Wave, enables our team to engineer optimized solutions for our customers.

Branded Products

One of our fastest-growing divisions, Branded Products is our own line of thermostatic controls, home automation and sensor products distributed under the SALUS brand.  SALUS has a global footprint serving Europe, North America and Asia, with eight offices strategically placed to serve 34 countries.

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About Potentia Concepts

Potentia Concepts is a human-factor digital technology consultancy and reseller with offices in Amsterdam and Washington DC. We offer dynamic new device discovery, trusted access and education tools that strengthen security and privacy, lower cost and complexity and improve the user experience on the path to digital transformation.  Potentia Concepts designs tailored security, privacy and workforce development programs for organizations globally.

Potentia Concepts is premier partner reseller of MediaPRO and Cisco / Duo Security.

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About MediaPRO

MediaPRO’s mission is to equip every organization with an array of high-quality, engaging, and adaptive learning experiences in privacy, security and compliance. MediaPro is nationally recognized for producing award-winning, web-based training and reinforcement programs. MediaPro has won over 100 prestigious awards for instructional excellence and is identified as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Training Vendors.

Recognized by Gartner as a LEADER in the Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Training Vendors, 2014 – 2019

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