7 Metrics to Build Effective and Successful Security & Privacy Education Programs

Get the latest report from our partner and 6-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader MediaPRO Security and Privacy Education “Measuring Privacy Training and Awareness Success: 7 Metrics That Matter”

We understand that measuring the ROI and effectiveness of your security and privacy awareness training program is a challenge. That said it only takes a few bad apples to expose a data breach worth millions.

Knowing where your program stands and then being able to do something about it and make targeted improvements can make all the difference.

Measuring based on the absence of something bad happening, like a data breach, is too simplistic and doesn't take into account the myriad behaviors you're trying to affect.

MediaPRO and Potentia Concepts recommend seven metrics that holistically help measure the success of a program.

There are clear ways to track effectiveness and set baseline metrics for a successful awareness and training initiative. Here are some examples:

• Incident reporting
• Tracking risky behavior
• Incident remediation costs
• IT help desk costs
• Directly assessing employee knowledge

The stakes are high, especially during uncertain times, and we're here to help you measure what works.

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