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Nymity’s GDPR Country Tracker

The #GDPR allows EU Member States to enact national data protection laws to supplement the GDPR, thereby potentially creating small differences between companies’ obligations in the Member States. Nymity tracks this progress on a daily basis and provides updates to its subscribers through the Nymity Research™ GDPR Implementation Tracker. Learn more about it, here:

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MediaPRO – “GDPR Readiness and the Vendor Selection Process”

What do global companies and small businesses have in common? Both are preparing for the GDPR and seeking vendors to assist with achieving GDPR compliance. In this on-demand webinar, Ken Drake of Blizzard Entertainment and Adam Hoey of Potentia Concepts discuss the similarities and differences in the GDPR readiness vendor selection process from opposite ends of the business-size spectrum. Both…

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MediaPRO – SMB Security Awareness Toolkit

Cybercriminals are increasingly setting their sights on SMBs. Trying to manage cybersecurity as an SMB is tough. Often you’re asked to wear too many hats in one position, and knowing what to prioritize within your workload can be difficult. MediaPRO is here to make at least one thing easier: we’ll help make your organization more secure by…

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