How We Learn

Studies have shown that people have different dominant sensory learning preferences sometimes referred to as “VAK” – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. So, some learn better through seeing, while others excel through hearing and doing. Learners use all 3 but are usually dominant in 2. The preferences may change based on the material. So, better to include all 3 when selecting and designing courseware for a company awareness education program.

Learning theorist John Keller’s ARCS model (attention, relevance, confidence and satisfaction) highlights the importance of relevance for adult learners. It shows us that employee learning sticks when it relates to their role, interests and jargon.

Most people have a low rate of information retention typically remembering 3 key points in a presentation or course. Long courses are a drag. So, when designing an awareness training program, shorter courses taken with more frequency and the flexibility to take them remotely is much more effective for training compliance, learning and driving culture change.  User interaction through "gamification" provides more stickiness when it comes to learning and behavior change.


In our experience we've found that classroom training is not realistic  for most organizations when training the entire workforce due to cost, time, geography and the rapid pace of changing technology.  Tool kits and PowerPoint slides are a nice start but don't scale and allow organizations to properly track and report course completions, measure progress and demonstrate compliance requirements.  They make it difficult to provide both general and role-based training.

Potentia Concepts eLearning Programs leverage the most current research in education theory, best-in-breed technologies for e-Learning and industry best practices for effective workforce development programs. With our eLearning partners such as MediaPro we offer comprehensive security, privacy and responsible social media and business ethics programs to organizations globally.

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