Safe & Secure Remote Teleworking


With digital transformation and the growth of cloud computing organizations are more distributed working from home, in offsite workspaces and traveling on the road. Remote access programs from the last 10-20 years are outdated.

You have a complex mash-up of VPN, cloud and extranets like layers of wallpaper making access more complex than it should be for users and administrators.  On top of that, your remote access policies were created X years ago and users may sign off 1 time and never read them again.  Seriously, that's really lame and we can all do better !

In 2020, novel health threats such as COVID-19 are forcing nearly all employees to work from home and organizations may need help to modernize their remote access programs as part of business continuity planning.

With our deep experience in human factor programs and workforce development, we are well equipped to assist organizations to modernize, strengthen and simplify their remote teleworking programs.  This includes education, cloud/network zero-trust gateway access, two-factor authentication, single-sign-on and  simplified "GDPR-safe" device management with our partners MediaPRO and Cisco Duo Security.

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Services include:

  • Program + Tools Assessment
  • Remote Access Security Education
  • Policy Development and Deployment
  • Laptop and Mobile Device Management
  • Cloud and Network Application Access
  • Reporting and User Analysis

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