Responsible Social Media

Social Media has become part of our everyday lives and many of us use it to stay up to date with family and friends or for business. However inappropriate content can have a damaging impact on us, friends, family and work colleagues. With social applications you may be sharing more data than you think about yourself, your friends and your organization. This may negatively impact your organization’s brand and public image. What one person may find acceptable could be completely inappropriate to others.

It’s important for organizations to have policies and to train employees on appropriate use of social media, give examples of inappropriate use and potential impacts to their reputation and brand image. This impacts all industries including corporations, government, non-profits, education, professional sports and entertainment.

Topics Include:

  • Social Media Risks & Benefits
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Personal vs. Professional Boundaries
  • Social Applications & Safe Computing
  • Company Code of Conduct
  • Insider Threat Awareness

Responsible Social Networking is part of the Security Awareness Service library.

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