It's time to get serious and build a program to minimize your organization's security and compliance risks. Reduce growing human factor threats such as phishing and malware from cyber criminals and improper handling of PII and PHI using industry-leading products such as MediaPro.

The keys to success of any project engagement regardless of organizational size and industry are executive buy-in, strategic business alignment,  stakeholder engagement, prioritization, planning, tracking and adjustment.  This includes choosing the proper methodologies, tools and resources to make your project or program a success.

Get a clear picture of your organization's strengths and aspirations and then overlay market opportunities, customer demand, competition and potential partners.  Typical consulting firms may go this far and then leave you with a few pretty slides and no tactical plans.  Whether it's a new growth play, merger or acquisition,  our marketing services extend beyond the strategy into tactical planning, implementation and action.

With a sound marketing strategy and vision in place we help organizations innovate digital products that capture customers, improve service level and drive revenue.  We are experienced in all phases of the development life-cycle from concept to development, testing, launch and management.  This includes prioritizing releases and trade offs and  using traditional product stage-gate development processes or Agile/Scrum.

Research tells us that high-performing businesses view IT as a strategic asset - a source of excellence and competitive advantage.  That said, organizations are increasingly outsourcing their IT systems and subscribing to cloud services where it makes sense so they can focus on their core competencies and mission.  At Potentia we can assist your organization with IT visioning, audit, gap analysis and planning so that your digital and IT goals are closely aligned with your business and strategy. We can assist you with build, buy and rent decisions and navigating the myriad of options.