Workforce Security Access & Authentication

The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that 85% of breaches involved a human element; 29% of total breaches involved the use of stolen credentials, second only to phishing and social engineering.

Once credentials are compromised cybercriminals can move laterally across your network and tools to prevent this may be useless.  Password vaults and IAM tools may be useless especially when unknown and unmanaged privileges remain on your network and endpoints.

Organizations should maintain a diversity of security defense including its access security for both general users and admins with privileged accounts in order to reduce its attack surface. This includes a blend of multi-factor authentication and privileged access management tools.

We work with our partners Duo Security / Cisco and Netwrix / Remediant SecureONE to meet these challenges for our customers.



Duo Key Features Include:

  • Two-Factor (2FA) / Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Single Sign-On - Cloud & On Premises
  • Device Discovery & Pre-Flight Health Check
  • Flexible Integrations – Web, App, VPN, Network
  • Application Access Policy Management

Remediant SecureONE Features:

  • Rapid and Agentless Discovery of Standing Privileges
  • Just-In-Time Access Controls with Native MFA
  • Protect Access not Secrets
  • Integration with 3rd party EDR, IAM, MFA and PW Vault
  • Low Admin Workflow Friction / Rapid Lockdown

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