Insider Threat

With an increasingly distributed workforce, applications and broad system access, the risk of malicious activity, lateral-threat movement and plain user error is becoming harder to control.

Add to this a myriad of social networking applications where individual comments can damage your company reputation, brand and workplace morale. It’s important for companies to develop a more sophisticated approach to monitoring user access, controls and behaviors.

There is no silver bullet to mitigating Human Factor Threats.  Effective programs require a multi-tiered collaborative approach which includes user discovery, behavior monitoring, security technologies such as data loss prevention (DLP) and privileged access management (PAM) as well as workforce training and assessments for managers and employees.

We’re excited to have Human Factor Threat and Behavioral Science experts Sign Post Six located in Amsterdam and Washington DC working with us offering the latest research and thinking on Human Factor Threat analysis and program development. Learn how Human Factor Threat analysis is part of Potentia Concept's comprehensive Human Factor Controls & Enablement (HFCE) program.


  • Insider Risk Management
  • Behavioral & Anonymous Threat Assessments
  • Cyber Secure Behavior Program Design

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