Deconstructing Privileged Access Sprawl

Strengthening The Human Factor Firewall

Security Awareness Training

Educate your workforce on security best practices with flexible programs, phishing simulations and industry-leading content

Privacy Operations & Education

Improve and simplify privacy management; educate management and workforce with relevant, role-based training

Workforce Discovery & Human Factor Design

Discover your users, roles, applications, behaviors and devices before technology and training development

Safe & Secure Teleworking

Its time to modernize your remote teleworking programs to be safe, simple and secure with policies, education and access tools

Authentication & Access

Strengthen & simplify access security across cloud and hybrid networks. Continually discover and control administrator standing privileges just-in-time


Human Factor Security Enablement (HFSE)

With cybercrime related to social engineering and credential theft practically ubiquitous not to mention unmanaged privileged access sprawl, a sound Defense in Depth and Diversity of Defense security strategy must include "Layer-8" People and "Layer-9" Organization including process and performance management.

With HFSE we integrate:

Discovery | JIT Access Controls | Education | Measurement


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Join Potentia Concepts' Adam Hoey and Remediant, Inc.'s Sam Kumarsamy as they discuss the best practices and key learnings on deconstructing your privileged attack surface. Join us on Thursday, October 28th at 4 PM CET / 10 AM ET. Register today to save your spot: