It Starts with Workforce & Device Discovery

Helping Organizations Build The Human Factor Firewall

Security Awareness

Educate your workforce on security best practices with flexible programs, phishing simulations and industry-leading content

Privacy Programs

Improve management of your privacy compliance program; educate your workforce on data handling and privacy regulations

Workforce Discovery

Discover your users, roles, applications, behaviors and devices before technology and training development

Responsible Social Media

Understand the benefits and pitfalls of social media and its impact on your brand, business employees

CIO/CISO Support Services

Assisting IT executives with program strategy, vendor selection, portfolio analysis, KPI and budget planning

Authentication & Access

Strengthen and simplify user authentications to your cloud & on-premises applications; strengthen user & device trust 

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Human Factor Controls & Enablement (HFCE)

Human resources are your strongest asset but can also be your weakest link. Whether you’re defending against human factor threats, building your “zero-trust” model or meeting compliance guidelines companies know People, Process and Technology but struggle to align them.

HFCE starts with IT stakeholder, device and application discovery. We build a program which includes your workforce as partners "all hands on deck" to create holistic human factor defense and enablement.

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Clients Preview



This week Potentia Concepts will be a InfoSec NL in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  Come talk to us about your security and privacy awareness, application authentication, device trust and ways to simplify digital transformation, consolidate and lower costs.

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