Digital Innovation, AI & Cybersecurity  

Driving The Workforce Experience 

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Awareness Education

Educate your workforce on security best practices with flexible programs, phishing simulations and industry-leading content


Product Strategy, Marketing & Program Management

Evaluate innovative ideas, prioritize and roadmap them and bring them to market using Lean Agile and product lifecycle development.


Workforce Access & AI Automation

Strengthen user and admin access security across cloud and hybrid networks. Discover, remove and monitor user privileges

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Tailored, Scaleable & Cost-Effective Generative AI Apps for Enterprise

With Morfius you can rapidly build tailored Generative AI Apps for enterprise that are cost-effective, flexible and secure. Pre-built apps such as Knowledge AI, Digital Tutor and Procurement AI are engineered to boost productivity, streamline efficiency, optimize cost-effectiveness and provide valuable insights.

Our Partner Morfius's native Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) with semantic search, improves search accuracy, relevance, source attribution and lowers AI model training costs.mor

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Less Typing, More Resolving / Deepdesk AIx

Our partner Deepdesk's GenAI, customer support technology makes agents lives easier: it frees them from boring and repetitive tasks.

Deepdesk increases agent confidence by providing them with real-time suggestions from structured and unstructured knowledge bases and next-based actions during customer interactions, enabling them to steer conversations into a fulfilling direction.

Chat, Email and Voice - Agents love to work with Deepdesk.

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