Workforce Security & Training 

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Driving Human Factor Security Performance

Workforce Security & Awareness Education

Educate your workforce on security best practices with flexible programs, phishing simulations and industry-leading content


Data Privacy Education, Operations & Compliance

Improve and simplify privacy management; educate management and workforce with role-based training


  Workforce Access & Authentication

Strengthen user and admin access security across cloud and hybrid networks. Discover, remove and monitor user privileges

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Security Awareness Education & Performance

With our partner KnowBe4 and MediaPRO together we can offer the world’s largest security awareness and data privacy training, simulated phishing and learning management system in one integrated platform that's easy to manage, grow and keeps users on their toes.

Without performance tracking it's hard to demonstrate improvement: find gaps, customize training and show real risk reduction. At Potentia we have global experience helping our customers assess and improve training programs. We integrate performance, KPI's and maturity into their programs with assessments, tools and risk score features.

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Remediant SecureOne Privileged Access / Agentless & Just-In-Time

Our partner Remediant provides a new way of thinking about standing privilege risk; an emerging leader with years of breach response consulting under its belt laser focused on a major breach culprit - rogue, unmanaged standing privileges. It's built to integrate nicely with your buff security portfolio: EDR, IAM, MFA, Vault.

Why pay for complex and expensive PAM with unused features that are still not addressing this culprit. Real risk reduction comes with continuous discovery, analysis, remediation and use of just-in-time access that is renewed each time like a hotel key card.

Remediant's performance dashboards help security practitioners and managers analyze, control and monitor rogue standing privilege accumulation over time - this reduces the privileged attack surface  and risk of lateral movement attacks such as ransomware.

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Contact Adam Hoey to discuss a free, no obligation stranding privilege scan and report to learn your risk.  A scan of thousands of enterprise endpoints can be quickly and agentless.