Workforce Discovery & Human Factor Design

Human resources are your strongest asset but can also be your weakest link. Whether you’re defending against human factor threats, building your “zero-trust” model or just meeting your compliance guidelines it’s important to first discover and understand your workforce and applications.

We think it’s important to discover and track the eco-system of distributed users (workers, contractors, partners and customers) and the applications and devices they use before developing your technology and training program. Otherwise, software licenses and the best crafted ideas may just sit on the shelf wasted or poorly utilized.

At Potentia Concepts we call this Human-Factor Controls & Enablement (HFCE). HFCE starts with Workforce Discovery and Scope Definition. Define your HFCE program and then capture information such as distributed workforce, partners, roles, compliance requirements, applications, devices, knowledge assessments and usage behaviors. These provide the upstream data and “homework” required to implement human-factor oriented security tools and awareness training.


Discovery and development is unique to each department: 

  • Management & Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Care/Call Center
  • Engineers and IT

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