9 Topics to Cover in Your Data Privacy Awareness Program

Get the latest report from our partner and 6-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader MediaPRO Security and Privacy Education to Cover Essential Privacy Topics “9 Topics to Cover in Your Data Privacy Awareness Program

Get MediaPRO’s latest guide to make sure you’re covering essential topics in your data privacy training and awareness program.

What your employees don't know about safe data-handling practices could harm your business and your customers.

MediaPRO has identified nine topics that you should cover in your program to establish a risk-aware culture in which your employees see data protection as second nature.

From how to stop phishing attacks to the best practices for data management and protection, there are numerous fundamentals involved with securing personal and sensitive data.

Here are some of the essentials topics:

• What data needs to be protected
• How to label data
• How to classify and organize data
• Data-sharing protocols
• Data deletion and disposal
• Data backups
• Records management
• Incident reporting

We discuss these topics and more to help you prepare your employees achieve a mindset that protects personal data

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