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Are Your Security and Privacy Education Programs Stuck in Silos ?

  With Cybersecurity Month, Unleash World HR, IAPP and a number of security and privacy conferences wrapping up, it’s a great time to talk about alignment of security, privacy and compliance education programs. These topics overlap especially when it comes to users and their devices. Yet company education and compliance programs are often stuck in…

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Thycotic – Top 5 PAM Security Reports CISO’s Live For

Privileged Access Management

FREE Guide from Thycotic: Top 5 Privileged Account Security Reports CISOs Live For Securing privileged account passwords has become a top priority for IT security professionals and system admins who want to reduce the risk of hackers getting their hands on the “keys to your IT kingdom.” This Free Guide shows you how Thycotic Secret…

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Strengthening the Human Factor Firewall – Getting to Human Factor Controls & Enablement

Human resources are your strongest asset but can also be your weakest link. Whether you’re defending against growing human factor threats, building your “zero-trust” model or just meeting your compliance guidelines, companies often recognize the importance of People, Process & Technology but struggle to integrate them into a unified strategic plan. It’s important to first…

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Client Case Study – iChoosr (NL)

De Uitdaging: iChoosr, met haar hoofdkantoor in Amsterdam, verwerkt informatie over consumenten die zich aanmelden voor een van haar groepscampagnes, zoals groene energieleveranciers. Met de inwerkingtreding van de AVG op 25 mei 2018 is privacy nog meer top of mind dan in het verleden. iChoosr heeft verschillende stappen ondernomen om de organisatie voor te bereiden…

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Client Case Study – iChoosr

The Challenge: iChoosr, with its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands processes information on consumers who sign up for one of its group buying campaigns, such as with green energy suppliers. With the coming into force of the GDPR on 25 May 2018, privacy is even more top of mind than it had been in the…

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MediaPRO Best Practices Series: Battling The Forgetting Curve

security & privacy awareness best practices

Have you ever had a pop quiz on something you’ve only heard once? With once-a-year security and privacy awareness training, that’s exactly what you’re asking your workforce to do – remember details about identifying phishing emails, computer threats, data privacy guidelines and much more all at the drop of a hat when a risky situation arises. No matter…

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Potentia Concepts Excited About Its New Partnership With Duo Security

Potentia Concepts is excited to announce its new partnership with Duo Security. Duo is a thought leader in multi-factor authentication for mobile and endpoint devices. We’ve been offering training on passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for some time; now we can offer our customers a leading-edge MFA technology. This is especially important to support bring…

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Responsible Social Media, Protecting You and Your Company

It’s hard to a write blog post about responsible social media that does not also include tips for both individuals and companies – it’s a personal and interconnected topic. While I’ve intended to write on this topic for some time, my recent inspiration comes from organizations asking me how they can better control security and…

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Nymity’s GDPR Country Tracker

The #GDPR allows EU Member States to enact national data protection laws to supplement the GDPR, thereby potentially creating small differences between companies’ obligations in the Member States. Nymity tracks this progress on a daily basis and provides updates to its subscribers through the Nymity Research™ GDPR Implementation Tracker. Learn more about it, here:

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